Generosity Partners with YouCaring

We're excited to announce that Indiegogo has entered into a long-term partnership with YouCaring. Through this partnership, Indiegogo's personal cause and charitable nonprofit crowdfunding service,, will transition over to YouCaring and Indiegogo will become YouCaring's partner for entrepreneurial fundraising. Please read below for more info about this and how it affects your fundraiser.

What does this mean for my live fundraiser?

If you have a live fundraiser on Generosity, it will close automatically on March 29, 2018. Make sure you have your bank account information entered by March 23rd so we can disburse any eligible funds to you. 

I am working on a draft fundraiser. Will I still be able to launch it?

We strongly recommend you create a new fundraiser on YouCaring and start raising funds there. If you decide to launch on Generosity, you must do so before February 28th and note that your page will close automatically on March 29th.

Will I still be able to get the funds I raised?

To receive any funds eligible for disbursement, make sure you complete your bank account information by March 25th. Your page will close on March 29th and you will not be able to update any incorrect information after that date. If you don't complete your bank information before your page closes, your donors will be refunded. 

What if I want to keep raising funds after March 29th?

To continue raising funds after Generosity closes, you can start a new fundraiser on YouCaring here.

Can I transfer my fundraiser story, donor list, amount raised, etc. to YouCaring?

You won't be able to transfer your current fundraiser data to a new fundraiser on YouCaring. However, you'll still have access to your fundraiser editing page until March 29th, so you can save a copy of your text. If you launched your fundraiser and raised funds, you'll be able to access it on after March 29th but will not be able to reopen it. It will remain available to you and your donors for reference only.

Can I run my fundraiser on Indiegogo instead?

No. After Generosity closes on March 29th, all personal and charitable nonprofit crowdfunding fundraisers will only be able to launch on YouCaring, as our exclusive partner for this type of crowdfunding.


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