How Can I Add Donation Levels to My Fundraiser?

Donation Levels can be used in two ways: as a physical reward to incentivize your donors, or as a way to demonstrate the impact your donors can make by giving at that donation amount.  

Using Donation Levels to Demonstrate a Donor's Impact

Donation levels are a great way to show how a donor can make a difference. For example, you can have a donation level priced at $25 that provides school supplies for students. If you're running a fundraiser for a friend, a $25 donation level could cover the cost of that friend's dinner while they're in the hospital. Donors will then know how they're contributing to the cause!

Using Donation Levels as a Reward

Material: Offer a piece of swag, like a t-shirt or mug, to spread the word about your nonprofit or personal fundraiser. 

Personal: An acknowledgement for donating, a social media conversation, a handwritten thank-you note or another kind of interaction between you and your donors.

Experiential: A unique experience, like tickets to your next public talk or an hour with you and your team in the field.

Include Images of Your Donation Levels in Your Story Text

Your donors will want to see what they’ll receive for supporting you. Be sure to use high-quality images to showcase your donation levels in the best light!

How to Add Donation Levels

Adding donation levels is easy! In your fundraiser editor, simply click "+ Add new level" and you will be prompted to enter the important information about each reward.


Here's some information about the various fields: 

  • $ Amount: This is the cost of your Donation Level and the amount your 
  • Title: This is the name of your Donation Level and the title that will appear on your Donation Level on your Fundraiser Page
  • Description: Enter clear information that will allow donors to understand what they will receive in return for their donation, or the impact their donation at this level will have towards your project.
  • # available (optional): This section allows you to decide the number of rewards at that level you can offer to donors. Entering a number here will cap the number of donors who can claim this level. Once all are claimed, the Donation Level will be greyed out on your Fundraiser page and no future Donors will be able to claim this Level.
  • Delivery date (optional): These optional fields allow you to set clear expectations with your donors as to when you will be shipping out their Donation Levels. This helps Donors understand when they can look forward to receiving your Donation Level. 

Be sure to select "Shipping address required" if you need to gather your donor's shipping information- otherwise they won't be collected. We also give you the chance to limit the number of rewards you're offering at each level. Account for how many you can reasonably provide and when you can deliver them by. It's also important to account for the time and money it takes to create these rewards; carefully budget the cost when you're brainstorming interesting reward ideas.

Click "Save" when you've added the relevant information. Double-check before moving forward, because rewards that have been claimed by donors can't be edited.

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