How to Engage Your Community

Generosity is a place where communities can come together to support an individual or nonprofit. Engaging your immediate and extended supporters is essential to raising funds and involves sharing your story, updating your community, and communicating your gratitude.


Sharing Your Fundraiser

The many benefits of fundraising can be extremely rewarding for yourself, your loved one or your nonprofit. When running a fundraiser, you want to start building momentum as early as possible. Planning your fundraiser promotion before you launch will help you make the most of your fundraiser’s time.

Email is the best way to share your fundraiser with loved ones.

  • The first paragraph should be personalized for the friend or family member receiving it, while the second paragraph can be a short summary that is sent to your entire community. It should say concisely why you’re fundraising and why you need your community’s support.

Social media allows you to spread your story wider than your immediate friends.

  • Use engaging pictures and videos in all posts.
  • Create a challenge that incentivizes people to share you campaign in their networks. Ask your friends to upload a piece of content such as a favorite quote on Facebook and share it with five friends.
  • Start a two way conversation by tagging friends.
  • Favorite, comment, share or retweet your friend’s fundraiser posts on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Create a Facebook page for the fundraiser and include a link to the fundraiser in every post.
  • See this document for more social media tips.

Offline fundraisers are not only a great way to raise money, but they can also raise awareness in your community and attract local press.

  • Bake sales, potlucks, and garage sales are fun community events that cost little to organize.
  • At the event, hand out fliers that have the link to your fundraiser page.
  • Keep a list of attendees and followup with them after the event.
  • Have a laptop or IPad handy so attendees can donate on the spot.
  • Add any offline donations to the fundraiser page by donating on behalf of the attending donors.

Local news agencies can help you spread your story to people outside of your immediate network. See more information about engaging local media here.


Updating Your Community

By donating or sharing your fundraiser, friends and family are expressing that they want to come on this journey with you. Use the updates section like a blog to keep loved ones informed.

  • Send out weekly updates about the fundraiser’s progress.
  • Share pictures, videos and personal testimonials.
  • Share local media coverage about your fundraiser.
  • Read more about updates here.


Thanking Your Donors

Don’t forget to thank friends and family - demonstrating your gratitude is often enough to encourage a second donation to the fundraiser.

  • Write a personalized email to show your gratitude.
  • Give a shout out to your donors on social media.

Send a handwritten thank you note.

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