Will Generosity Feature My Fundraiser?

We often feature projects by topic, audience, or relevant themes to showcase a wide range of fundraisers that resonate with our community. 
Generosity has editorial discretion on which fundraisers are included in the various areas of our platform such as Homepage, Explore page, blog or Collections; and in Generosity channels such as newsletter, Facebook, or Twitter. 
We want you be successful and there are a lot of strategies you can leverage to promote your fundraiser. If you'd like your fundraiser to gain more visibility, we recommend the following tips for increasing the activity on your fundraiser page:
  • Post updates about your fundraiser’s progress.
  • Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.
  • Write personalized emails to your community asking them to donate and share.
  • Share your campaign link and encourage your community to share to drive traffic to your campaign.
The most successful fundraisers typically take advantage of our full suite of social sharing tools. 

For more tips, check out how to share your fundraiser offline.

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