How to Share Your Fundraiser Offline

Sharing your fundraiser offline is just important and sometimes more effective than sharing your fundraiser online. Make sure to always include the link to the fundraiser for your donors to find it. Here are some ideas on how to share your fundraiser:



Post flyers in places people who are likely to take an interest in your fundraiser might find them. Include your fundraiser's url, title, and main image.



Hand-written letters to your family, friends and community show your dedication to your fundraiser and are more personalized than an email. Postcards with a photo of the fundraiser recipient are also an eye-catching way to reach donors, or consider including a link to your fundraiser in your annual holiday card. 


Meetings or Conferences

Seek out organizations that are similar to your fundraiser or announce your fundraiser at a club or meetup you're already involved in. Ask if you can share your story at an event or include your story in one of their newsletters.


Events & Benefits

Throw a low-cost fundraiser event and invite people to come out and hear about why you're raising funds in person. Fundraiser parties, garage and bake sales are fun and incentivize your wider network to attend.


PR Campaigns

Tell the news! Of course you may have to use ON-line tactics (like email) to get your story into the right hands, but don't underestimate the power of newspapers, television, and radio to get your story heard. Write up a press release, create a short, targeted list of media outlets that might take an interest in your story, and get yourself out there. For more information on how to engage local media see this document.


Build a Team of Supporters

Remember when you were a kid and you had to sell chocolate bars to fund your school sports team? The best way to sell the candy wasn't door-to-door — it was to let your parents take the box to work and sell it to their co-workers. Our parents (or grandparents, or siblings, or mentors) are our most unabashed supporters. Give those people some postcards or flyers they can take to their networks to ask for support on your behalf.


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