How to Evaluate a Fundraiser

Here's how you can evaluate a fundraiser before donating:

The more information, the better.

Fundraisers that aren’t transparent with their story, goals, and status aren't likely to attract donors. Feel free to ask the Organizer questions about the fundraiser before making a donation.

Before you donate, assess its story. Ask yourself a few questions:

Who is behind the fundraiser?

The Organizer and recipients will be listed at the top of the fundraiser page under the main image.

  • Who are they?
  • Do you know them personally?
  • Why are they raising money?
  • What is their background and relation to the recipient?
  • Are photos of the Organizer and recipient included?
  • Are external links included in the story (websites, news/media coverage, etc.)?

If the Organizer's background and relationship to the recipient is not clear, you can always contact the Organizer to ask how they're sending the funds to the recipient. 

Has the fundraiser raised funds from it's immediate community?

If you don't know the Organizer or recipient personally, check to make sure the recipient or Organizer's community has supported the fundraiser. Most fundraisers start with the support of the Organizer or recipient's immediate community. 

Has the fundraiser provided updates?

The updates section is where Organizers can keep donors up to speed about the progress of their fundraiser.

Contact the Organizer.

If you have any questions about a fundraiser, we encourage you to reach out to the Organizer before making your contribution! If you are a Donor to the Fundraiser, you can send a direct message to the Organizer by clicking on the "Contact" button underneath the Organizer's name.

What We Do.

Generosity has a comprehensive system in place to protect donors from potentially fraudulent fundraisers. Learn more

If you see a fundraiser that you believe to be in violation of our Terms of Use, you can inform us immediately by flagging the fundraiser. Simply click on the "Let us know" link on the right hand side of every fundraiser page, or contact us.

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