Third Party Fees

We’re offering a 0% platform fee for Generosity, which means running a fundraiser is completely free! We don’t collect any money from you. Organizers and donors may however encounter the following third-party fees:

Payment-processor fee:

Third-party payment processing companies charge a 3% + 30 cents fee for each donation received.

International wire fee:

International organizers pay a $25 wire-transfer fee if they’re receiving funds to a non-USD bank account. This fee is assessed with each disbursement. Please note, if you have not raised more than $25 when the time comes to disburse your funds you will not be charged the fee. Your funds will then be disbursed to you once you have raised over $25 and the fee will be charged at that time. Banks may also apply a currency exchange fee.

Please check with your bank to ensure your account is able to receive a USD wire transfer, and any particulars unique to your account. All disbursements from Indiegogo will be in USD, and any applicable currency exchanges will occur on your bank's end.


Donors may be charged additional international processing fees:

If a donor’s credit card company is based inside the U.S., and she donates to a fundraiser outside the U.S., she may be subject to an additional international processing fee from her credit card issuer. Some smaller banks and credit unions charge international processing fees of around 3%.

Organizer’s Bank Account

Indiegogo Fee

Payment Processor Fee

International Wire Fee

Donor Credit Card Fee






Outside U.S.





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