How to Update Your Donors

Updates are posts on your fundraisers that are sent as an email to all your donors. We recommend posting updates often to keep your donors engaged and boost your fundraiser’s success.

 To post an update:

  • Go to your fundraiser page
  • Scroll to post update
  • Add a message to your donors or add media to your post
  • Click post update

Please note that you cannot edit or delete updates after they have been posted. Be sure your update is complete before posting.

Why use updates:

  • Posts stay on your fundraiser, much like a blog, providing room to tell your continued story. Your donors can then be more aware of how their funds are used.
  • Updates remain visible to all users, informing those beyond your immediate social network.
  • Updating your fundraiser boosts your likelihood of being promoted through Generosity’s channels, including our blog, newsletter, and homepage.
  • Best of all, updating your fundraiser is easy. 

4 Keys for excellent updates:

  • Post something at least once every five days—but be mindful of your donors’ inboxes. Create an update when there is something new related to your fundraiser.
  • Share your latest campaign achievements. Your donors can feel good knowing they’ve been part of these milestones, and if they share your fundraiser, can encourage others to donate, too.
  • Include videos and photos with your updates. It can help your donors feel more closely involved. (link to media in updates)
  • Include a call to action for your donors at the bottom of the update, such as sharing the fundraiser.

Connect with your community

Your first two updates within a 12-hour span are sent to your donors within minutes. If you post more than two updates within 12 hours, the rest of your messages are aggregated along with a link back to your fundraiser and are sent to your donors in one batch. Such measures keep your donors’ inboxes happy, so everyone can feel good. Once 12 hours have passed, you can again send two updates to be received within minutes, and more to be aggregated, if you wish.


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