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Should my campaign live on Indiegogo or Generosity?

Generosity is a place for people to raise funds for themselves, a loved one or a nonprofit. Indiegogo is a place to raise funds for a creative or entrepreneurial pursuit.

What is Generosity?

Generosity is the only socially conscious fundraising platform that’s free, fast, and open, giving individuals and organizations the power to improve lives everywhere. 

All fundraising sites say they’re free and then charge a fee after raising funds. Is Generosity really free?

Yes! Unlike other services Generosity doesn’t charge a platform fee! It’s completely free to fundraise with Generosity. As with other fundraising services, however, our payment processor charges a fee of 3% + 30 cents, but you won’t get a bill from us. International Organizers should also be aware of transfer fees that your bank may charge. For more information on fees, see our Third Party Fees page.

What happens if I do not meet my goal?

Whether or not you meet your funding goal, you will still receive all the funds that you raised. Please keep in mind that there is a 3% + 30 cents fee from our credit card processor on all transactions.

What about Indiegogo's fixed or flexible model?

All fundraisers on Generosity use the 'Flexible' funding structure, allowing you to keep what you raise, even if you do not meet your goal. This model is selected automatically, so no need to specify before you launch your fundraiser!

Can I switch to Indiegogo? Generosity?

Unfortunately, we can't switch between the two platforms at this time, but please feel free to contact us for advice on how best to go about creating a new campaign on a different platform.

Who will support my fundraiser?

Your friends, family and supporters will likely be your first points of contact, especially through your social media channels. As word spreads, however, your fundraiser community can grow, and you may receive support from people you do not know.

Can I make my fundraiser private?

At this time all fundraisers on Generosity are public. Let us know if private fundraisers are something you’d like us to offer by contacting our Happiness Team. 

How do I end my fundraiser?

At this time, you can run your fundraiser for any number of days. For instructions on ending your fundraiser, please see: How Do I End My Fundraiser?

When do I get my money?

Funds are disbursed on a three week basis until you end your fundraiser, at which point your funds will be disbursed within 15 business days. You can always run a second fundraiser if you’d like to raise more funds. See When You Can Expect Your Funds for more information on receiving your funds.

How do donors give to my fundraiser?

Anyone with a credit card can donate to your fundraiser. Generosity accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. At this time, we do not accept prepaid cards. Other third party payment processors, such as PayPal, are not available on Generosity. 

Click here for more information on donating, or how to add offline donations to your fundraiser.

Can my Generosity fundraiser be linked to an Indiegogo partnership?

At this time, Generosity does not have partnership opportunities for fundraisers.

Can I create an Indiegogo Partner Page on Generosity?

At this time, Indiegogo Partner Pages are not supported on Generosity. 

Can I delete my Generosity fundraiser?

No. All fundraisers that have raised funds must be kept live in order to preserve your fundraiser information and donor details. If you haven’t raised funds, click on “My Fundraisers” in the dropdown below your name. Next to your fundraiser image, click on the Actions dropdown to delete your fundraiser.

Are funds raised on Generosity taxable income?

In most cases, a donation to a personal fundraiser is considered a gift and not taxable income to the campaign owner. Donations to fundraisers raising money for a nonprofit may be taxable and are subject to tax treatment for non-profits  We always recommend that you speak with your tax advisor about your specific situation, as we can not provide tax or legal advice.

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