How To Choose Your Fundraiser Goal

On Generosity, you can raise funds for yourself, a loved one, a nonprofit, or any cause you care about. After deciding what you are raising funds for, the next step is to determine a fundraising goal that will cover what you need. Your goal is one of the most important elements of your fundraiser, so it is important to choose it thoughtfully.


Focus on Exactly What You Need

Be sure to choose a goal that demonstrates that you understand exactly what you need for an important life event, nonprofit, or cause. We find that most fundraisers that reach their goals actually exceed them. Even if you pass your goal, you will still attract new donors. Exceeding your goal is never a bad thing!

If you do raise more than your initial goal, edit your story and post an update to reflect a new stretch goal if needed.


Check Your Community Support

Assess the support you already have to set an attainable goal, which will motivate donors to give. Goals that seem unattainable or unreasonable may dissuade donors. Regardless, no matter how much you raise you can keep the funds.

An easy way to calculate your goal is to create a list of of your existing supporters, friends and family with approximate amounts you think they'd be willing to contribute. This total amount represents 30% of your goal.

We also find that most campaigns that hit their goals raise about 30% of their funds from their community. This is a support network that you can tap into at the very beginning of your campaign to attract your first donations, which are crucial to the success of your campaign for several reasons:

  • When new visitors to your fundraiser see that others trust you with their money, it gives them the confidence to donate.
  • Your initial funding also gives your fundraiser momentum that can be leveraged for marketing and press.
  • You don’t need to raise all the funds you need to complete a project with just one fundraiser. You can run a different fundraiser for each stage of your project. Proving your success in one fundraiser will also help build credibility for your next.


Review Your Goal Before You Launch

Since your funding goal cannot be changed once your campaign is live, please review your goal before launching.

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