When to Expect Your Funds

Once you have raised money for your fundraiser, you may be wondering when you will receive your donations. Funds are disbursed on a three week basis. You can expect to receive your first disbursement approximately 30 days after your fundraiser begins, provided you've added your bank account information, and then another disbursement three weeks following that. Once you have received your first donation, you can view your raised funds on the Funds tab of your fundraiser Dashboard.

How You will Receive Money

Generosity sends money via ACH or Wire bank transfer.

All donations are disbursed on a three week basis (minus payment processor fees of 3% + 30 cents) to your bank account via ACH (Automatic Clearing House) or International Wire transfer. You will receive a confirmation email from Generosity on the day that your disbursement is sent.

After your fundraiser ends, any remaining funds will be disbursed to you within 15 business days assuming that your bank account information is complete and accurate.

Minimum Disbursement Amount

The minimum disbursement amount for any fundraiser is $100 after payment processing fees and any applicable transfer fee. If your campaign has raised less than $100 after payment processing fees and any applicable transfer fees during your campaign or disbursement period, Generosity will not be able to send the funds to you. If you don't raise the minimum amount during your disbursement period, an automated email will be sent to let you know the funds will not be sent.

You have a maximum of 6 months to raise the minimum disbursement amount before any of your donors are refunded or any other action is taken on your fundraiser.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

There may be several reasons why an Organizer has not received their funds after raising the minimum amount required. We'll walk you through troubleshooting some of the most common issues here: 

  1. We aren't able to disburse funds if the bank account information is incomplete or inaccurate so please ensure that you've entered all the required bank account information.
    • Visit the Funds tab and click on the Secure Bank Form to check your information. For help entering your bank information, please see this article
  2. If your bank account information was not added or complete by the end of your fundraiser, or past the three week mark, you should expect funds to be disbursed up to three weeks after you entered the information.
  3. Double check that your bank account information is correct- when in doubt, confirm with your bank.
    • If an Organizer enters incorrect bank information, this can cause delays as the bank may reject the funds and return the funds to Generosity/Indiegogo if they can find no account matching the information entered.
  4. Indiegogo is a US company using US banks and payment processors for disbursement. As such, please consider US Business Days and Holidays when calculating your disbursement.

These tips should help most cases! However, if you are beyond the three weeks since you entered all your bank account information, and you have not seen an email from Generosity letting you know we've disbursed your funds, you can get in touch with Generosity's Customer Happiness Team. Please outline the issue and our Payments Support Team can look into your specific case.

I got an email that my funds couldn’t be sent. Why?

If your funds have not arrived within 10 business days of the disbursement date, the disbursement may have been rejected due to incorrect bank information. We are typically notified within 5 - 9 days after the disbursement date, at which point we will ask the organizer to resubmit their bank account information. If you have not received funds or a rejection notification within 10 days of the disbursement date, please contact us.

To avoid a bank rejection and to ensure timely receipt, please make sure your bank account details are complete and up to date before your fundraiser deadline. For detailed instructions on how to edit your bank account information, please read How to Set Up a Bank Account.

Please note: The three week disbursement cycle cannot be changed- either to disburse the funds earlier or later. Please be sure you are aware of the disbursement cycle and plan your fundraiser accordingly

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