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Generosity is a global platform with fundraisers running in over 200 countries and regions. The following information pertains to fundraisers based outside the United States:


At this time, Generosity is available in English, German, French, and Spanish. You can write your Story in any language, but the donation process and all other content on the site will be in the language that you selected (in the footer of

Currently, our Help Center only offers English support.


Donations and disbursements on Generosity can only be made in USD ($) at this time. Note that any fundraiser raising funds in USD ($) but receiving them in a non-US bank may incur conversion charges. Please see our Third Party Fees for more information.

How We Send Money to Non-US Bank Account:

Donations made via direct credit card on a USD ($) fundraiser can be sent to any valid bank account via bank-to-bank wire transfer. We transfer all donations raised by credit card to your bank on a three week basis. 

Once you've entered your bank account information, you'll be set up to receive our regular disbursement cycle. The three week disbursement process cannot be changed.

After you close your fundraiser, any remaining funds will be sent in one lump sum within 15 days of your fundraiser's last day.

For information on sending funds to a US bank account, please see this article.

Fees associated with a Wire Transfer

In addition to the Third Party Fees charged on transactions, with each disbursement you will be charged a $25 international wire transfer fee. There also may be additional fees charged by your bank for converting USDs to your local currency. If you have not raised more than $25 at the time of disbursement your funds will not be disbursed and you will not be charged the fee until you have raised more than $25 total.

We recommend adding your bank account towards the end of your fundraiser to avoid paying this wire fee with each disbursement.


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