How Do I Decide to Use an External Consulting Service?

While running a fundraiser on Generosity, you may receive direct messages or a comment on your fundraiser page. These messages and comments can include messages from family and friends, praise and questions. They may also contain messages from outside consulting firms offering services for your fundraiser. While some of these services are legitimate, others can fall short of their advertised benefits. For this reason, we encourage organizers to use their best judgment when evaluating these offers from outside consulting services. Since Generosity is not affiliated with any external consulting services, we’re unable to verify the merit or legitimacy of advertised offers.


Examples of services that outside firms might offer include the following:

  • offering to raise a fundraiser’s browse position
  • promoting a fundraiser through social media
  • offering press release writing services


When considering hiring outside help for your fundraiser, we suggest that organizers ask themselves the following questions:

  • Do you already have the skills outside firms are offering?
  • How much are the services offered worth to your fundraiser? Does the advertised price match this expectation?
  • Is the price of the service offered a significant fraction of your goal? If so, are you confident that you will stand to benefit from allocating your resources to external consulting services?


If you do believe a service provided by an outside firm can benefit your fundraiser,  we suggest asking the company to provide recommendations from other organizers and examples of how they have added value to other fundraisers.


Please note that our Terms of Use prohibit spamming and it’s possible that some messages you receive regarding soliciting services may qualify as spam. Our Trust and Safety Team continuously works to identify these spam comments and you can help sending any messages or comments you receive on your fundraiser that you believe qualify as spam to our Trust and Safety team.

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