How to Use the Fundraiser Dashboard and Share Your Fundraiser

Generosity’s Fundraiser Dashboard provides Organizer share tools and information about your funders and disbursements.

To navigate there:

  • Login to your Generosity account and go to your Fundraiser Page
  • Select "View Dashboard" from the toolbar above your fundraiser video


Share Tab

Sharing with your network is the best way to increase your funds. Click on any of the share tools to spread the word through social media or email. Write personalized, concise messages to attract new donors.W

When you post an update, an email is sent to all your donors. You should post updates frequently to thank your donors, share your fundraiser’s status, or share images and videos. Donors are motivated by genuine posts with new information.



The Donations Tab

The donations tab provides you with one easy place to keep track of your fundraiser’s donation information. Organizers also have the ability to generate CSV files of all their donors.



The Funds Tab

The ‘Funds’ tab shows you a breakdown of the amount raised, the fees you can expect to be charged, as well as the timeline and method of disbursement. We recommend you check this tab for a quick overview of the status of your fundraiser’s funds.

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