How to Launch a Followup Fundraiser

You can have multiple fundraisers for the same cause. If you find that you’ve not raised sufficient funds for your life event, you may consider launching another fundraiser.


To launch a followup fundraiser:

  • Create a new fundraiser using a similar title as your old one. E.g. "Fundraiser XYZ Part Two"
  • In your Story, refer and link to the old fundraiser, with some information about what the funds were used for. For example, "Thanks to everyone who donated to our fundraiser in Round 1. Your donations helped us....[fill in the blank]."
  • Make sure to describe how the NEW fundraiser will build on the old one. Why do you need the additional donations?
  • On your OLD fundraiser page, send an update to let everyone know that the cause has been re-launched. Make sure to include a link to the new fundraiser.

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