Can I Add Offline Donations to My Fundraiser?

Are fundraiser organizers allowed to contribute to their own fundraiser?
No. Donating to your own fundraiser is prohibited on our platform. Our payment processor, Stripe, prohibits self-funding and can take actions including rejecting payments that they identify as self-funding, or restricting an individual's ability to accept payments.

Can I add offline donations to my campaign?
Fundraiser organizers should not contribute on behalf of an offline contribution (check, cash or other type of contribution that was not processed by Generosity). Instead, the individual wishing to make the donation should create a separate Generosity account. Then a donation can be made from that newly created account.

But I've already received checks from donors and want those funds added to my total. How can I do that?
The best thing to do is to ask your donors if they can donate on Generosity instead. If that's not possible, we recommend you post an update to let your donors know that you've received more contributions offline. 

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