How to Receive USD Wires to Canadian Bank Accounts

All organizers will need to provide their bank account information to receive their funds after their fundraiser ends. Please review the tool tips provided next to each bank field before entering your bank information.

Canadian banks often have special requirements for receiving payments in USD ($) from the United States. If your fundraiser is connected to a Canadian bank account, read this article to make sure that your bank account information has been input correctly.

What Information Do I Need?

In order for your disbursement to be sent, there are five key pieces of information that you may need to provide Generosity:

  1. The name on the bank account
  2. Your bank account number
  3. The Bank ID or SWIFT Code for your Beneficiary Bank
  4. Your transit code
  5. The Bank ID or SWIFT Code for your Intermediary Bank.  Not all Canadian banks use an Intermediary.  
  6. Any additional instructions.  You will only need this field if your bank is a credit union.

Common Beneficiary Bank IDs

Below are the SWIFT codes for a few of the most popular banks in Canada:

  • TD Canada Trust: TDOMCATTTOR
  • Presidents Choice Financial: CIBCCATT
  • Royal Bank of Canada: ROYCCAT2
  • Bank of Montreal: BOFMCAM2
  • National Bank: BNDCCAMMINT
  • Caisse centrale Dejardins: CCDQCAMM
  • Central 1 Credit Union: CUCXCATT (used for all credit union banks)

How Do I Know if My Bank Uses an Intermediary Bank?

Your bank will have instructions on how to receive a wire from the United States.  If in those instructions you are told to send money "through" or "by" a given SWIFT code, that is probably an Intermediary Bank SWIFT code.  Below are some common Intermediary bank SWIFT codes:

  • PNBPUS3NNYC (Wells Fargo)
  • CHASUS33 (JP Morgan Chase)
  • BOFAUS3N (Bank of America)

The best way to know with certainty if your bank requires an Intermediary is to call your bank.

What if My Bank is a Credit Union?

All Canadian credit union banks route money through the Central 1 Credit Union.  Input the following information in the respective fields:

  • IBAN: Your bank account number at the credit union
  • Bank Name: Central 1 Credit Union
  • Intermediary SWIFT: CHASUS33
  • Bank to Bank Instructions: ATTN: Name of your credit union bank

Transit Code

Transit Codes are required for bank accounts in Canada and can be entered in the format XXXXYYYYY, where XXXX is the Institution Number, and YYYYY is the Branch Number. If your transit code is shorter than 9 digits, you can add a 0 to the front. If you don’t know your bank’s Transit code, contact them directly.

What To Ask Your Bank About Fees

Many Canadian banks, particularly credit union banks, charge extra fees for international funds transfers because they rely on Intermediary banks to help transfer the money.  We recommend that you call your bank to ask about any additional wire transfer fees that you may incur.  

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